CROSS COVER - BLOGLuke 9:23 (KJV) And he said to them all, If an man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

Here we find out what it takes to be a disciple. What did Jesus mean when He said “deny oneself”? He was talking about denying our own willpower, our self-will, and our own strength and ability. We need to depend totally on Jesus Christ. We need to lean toward and have faith in what Jesus accomplished on the cross. We must strive to do this on a daily basis, for our enemy, the devil, is constantly trying to move us away from the cross. He knows when we stop having faith in what Jesus did on the cross, that he can and will be able to defeat us. Look ever toward the victory provided at Calvary!

(Read 1 Corinthians 1:17–18)

About Rev. Allen Smith

Rev. Allen Smith was born in the little town of Neoga, IL in 1951. He was saved at the early age of 12 years, and started preaching when he was just 15. He has been preaching and teaching now for 46 years. He has been a pastor for over 30 years of that time. Rev. Smith has been a featured speaker at camp-meetings and conventions down through the years. In addition, he spent 3 years as president of International Bible College and Seminary in DeSoto, Missouri, where he authored 9 different syllabi for the Seminary. Rev. Smith presently holds a Master’s Degree in Religious Education, a Doctor of Divinity Degree, and a Doctor of Theology Degree and has published several articles, in nationwide religious publications. From October of 1993 until July of 2010, Rev. Smith published a nation-wide Southern Gospel news magazine called SGN Scoops Digital. He is currently the founder and President of Lighthouse International Ministries which is a missionary outreach ministry. Rev. Smith’s first Kindle Edition book titled "Why?: Answering Questions About The Crucifixion" is currently available on His newest Kindle Edition book, a daily devotional, titled "One Day At A Time" is also available on Rev. Smith has not slowed down. He is currently writing his third Kindle Edition book, “The Sacrifice: The Only Way To God”.
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